LD 300 Foundational Theories of Leadership Principals

This course explores a range of historical and contemporary theories of leadership. It engages the students in acquiring knowledge of leadership principles in the area of the definition and meaning of leadership, expectations for and functions of a leader, and qualifications and skills essential for effective leadership.

  • Credit Hours: 3

LD 310 Communication Strategies in Leadership

Effective communication is one of the most important aspects of successful leadership in any organizational context or venue in society. In this course, emphasis is placed on a knowledge and understanding of communication models, practices, strategies and techniques illustrating and referencing historical and contemporary leaders in the context of leadership.

  • Credit Hours: 3

LD 320 Applied Leadership in Organizational Change

This course focuses on the expectations and implementations of the leader’s role and responsibility in facilitating and managing organizational change and the organizational climate with application in business, community, government, or religious or social organizations. Topics explored include diversity, ethics, organizational behavior, power and influence, motivation, politics and stake holder relationships.

  • Credit Hours: 3